Diamond Foxxx is Just Too Sexy For Her Neighbors

Monday, May 21, 2012

Diamond Foxxx just moved to a nice new neighborhood. She looked forward to meeting the neighbors and loving where she lived. Turns out the neighbors aren’t too keen on her though. They took one look at her gorgeous body and salacious style of clothing and started raising hell. Kerian Lee heads the local community group and he has to step in and confront her about her sexy appearance.

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Diamond Foxx is an anal slut

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Diamond Foxxx has had a lot of gardening work to do around the house now that summer has rolled around. Diamond has heard that Jordan Ash is an excellent landscaper and she pays close attention to Jordans work while she pours ice cold water on her big fake tits to mess with him. Knowing her tricks are working she calls him inside for a ride he’ll never forget. Being such an anal whore, Diamond Foxxx is quick to offer up her ass to his big cock.. and Jordan is more than happy to ram home his cock deep inside her slutty asshole. See Diamond Foxxx in another anal adventure at Brazzers.

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Diamond Foxxx gets the hired help to fuck her ass

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Diamond Foxxx is a busy housewife taking care of her kids and loser husband. When the hired help, is cutting their lawn after the rest of the family has left for the day, Diamond Foxxx offers him the opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side. Diamond needs a big cock today, and her pussy and ass needs to be filled… i wonder if the help will be willing to fuck this dirty slut.

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Diamond Foxxx fucks the young stud

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Diamond Foxxx is exhausted and over worked. Diamond does not have anyone to help her with the children, or all the housework. Her luck seems to change when she hears an ad for House Studs, and the services they provide. Diamond calls the number and it ends up being the best decision she has ever made. When her young stud comes over, he helps her out with everything, and that includes giving this poor Mum a damn good fucking.

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Diamond Foxxx rubs her tits in Scotts face

Friday, October 14, 2011

Diamond Foxxx runs a hair salon at her house. When Scott goes to visit her, Diamond can’t stop hitting on him and putting her gigantic tits in his face. Scott has no choice but to get Diamond naked and get a blowjob and fuck the hell out of this horny slutty pornstar.

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Diamond Foxxx gets fucked by the Dean

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

When students start complaining about their teacher, Professor Diamond Foxxx, dressing too slutty in the classroom, Dean Sins makes sure that Diamond gets the warning that she deserves. Fancy having students complain about her slutty ways, surely they should just fuck her instead! This story seems way too far fetched for me!!! See Diamond Foxxx in all her movies at Brazzers.

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Diamond Foxxx gets her ass fucked hard

Thursday, September 29, 2011

James ex-wife, left him for another woman. James and ex-wife girlfriend, Diamond Foxxx do not get along in the least… how bizarre!. Everytime he goes over to the house Diamond throws it in his face that his wife left him for another woman. Today James has had enough of the taunts and decides to give the bitch Diamond Foxxx a lesson, by ramming his big dick deep into the lesbians ass.. take that bitch! See Diamond Foxxx in this bruising assfucking encounter at Brazzers.

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Diamond Foxxx gets fucked in her ass by the Doctor

Monday, August 29, 2011

Diamond Foxxx has decided that she wants children. Diamond’s plans hit a dead end when her and her husband find out about her infertility. After months of trying to have a baby, Diamond sees Dr. Johnson and he will do everything he can to help Diamond Foxxx, and if that means giving her a creampie, then so be it. And why not fuck her ass while he is at it! Watch Diamond Foxxx get her ass fucked at Brazzers.

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Diamond Foxxx makes Xander fuck her ass

Friday, July 29, 2011

Xander and his classmates are in the shock of their lives when the gym teacher is being replaced by substitute teacher Diamond Foxxx Today’s lesson is wrestling! The boys are excited to get a chance to grapple with this bombshell and have tits rub all over their bodies. Diamond whips the floor with Xander and her tits go all over him. He tries to escape, but he is now Diamond’s bitch and will only release him when she’s done with him.

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Diamond Foxxx in pink lingerie and black stockings

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Diamond Foxxx looks pretty damn hot in these sexy photos. From her Official Website, Diamond is posing in a pink bra and panties, and to complete it, black thigh high stockings. Naturally those big titties of hers escape her bra, and and its not long before the panties follow suit, as they slide off to the ground. Diamond Foxxx bends over in her stockings giving you a full view of her round ass and snatch, which you all just want to fuck right!! Grab the full set from her Official Website!

Diamond Foxxx rides a big cock

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Diamond Foxxx was craving some young cock, and it is her lucky day as this stud finds his way to her couch, cock out ready for her to suck on. Diamond, the expert cock sucker she is gets to work immediately, to get his member rock hard so that she can take it for a ride. Once she is done riding his cock Diamond ensures her tits aren’t left out and his hot load is fired all over her massive boobs! See the full set inside Diamond Foxxx Official Website.

Diamond Foxxx slips off her denim shorts

Monday, April 4, 2011

More hot new pictures from Diamond Foxxx’s Official Website. This set has our busty milf in a tank top and denim shorts. Those massive fake boobs of hers are exposed when her tshirt is pulled above them, but we want more.. so Diamond slips down her denim shorts to show her freshly shaved pussy and pierced clit! Grab all these photos and all her hot XXX videos at Diamond Foxxs Official Website.

Diamond Foxxx in latex

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diamond Foxxx has just opened her brand new OFFICIAL WEBSITE If you want to see more of this hot busty MILF be sure to check it out now, and see all her hardcore pictures and videos, and of course you can chat to her in her live cam shows! Lets show off some of the brand new pictures.. this set has Diamond Foxxx posing in a red latex bra and panties with the hottest thigh high black fuck me boots… Diamond you don’t need to ask twice, I am sure your members will be there in a flash! Diamond strips off her lingerie to leave on just those monster boots!

Diamond Foxxx gets fucked in the restaurant

Monday, March 21, 2011

Diamond Foxxx is a waitress at a “fun” restaurant. She is always flirting with her favorite customer, Ramon. Diamond’s manager is upset with her for not showing enough flair in her work vest. She comes back and opens her vest to show she has put some flair on her nipples. He tries to fire her, but Ramon stands up for her. To piss off the manager even more, the two of them get it on right there in the restaurant.

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Diamond Foxxx in a super sexy dress

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diamond Foxxx is ready for a night out on the town in this sexy black number! She pulls up her dress.. how naughty!.. and reveals some pretty sheer panties. They don’t stay on long, however, and her smooth shaved pussy is exposed! Diamond Foxxx loses her dress altogether and her big tits look amazing as always, her nipples could poke your eye out! Love them! Diamond’s snatch is horny and ready for your cock, right after taking a seat on your face! See more inside Aziani!